Wire Rope Electric Winch

Wire Rope Electric Winch is widely used to install and disassembly various huge and oversize concrete and steel structure as well as mechanical equipment. This electric winch is suitable for bridge construction, port, dock, quay, etc. In a word, it is suitable for large factories, mine engineering, bridge engineering, etc.


Electrical Winch With Below Specifications:

1.Capacity:- 1-200 Ton
2.Wire rope Dia:- 12-60 mm or Customized design
3.Rope length:20-500 meter or Customized design
4.Pulling direction:horizontal & Vertical
5.Operator: Remote Control (Manual)
6.Electric: Single/Three Phase
7.Working speed: 20~35 m/min
8.Power supply: 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase
9.Drum: single or double drum you can choose

Custom Design: According to your detail requirement, we can customize winch for you. pulling capacity and wire rope length are customized according to your needs.

Note: winch application purpose, please do let me now If possible. So we can give detail suggestion.

Wide Applications of Wire Rope Electric Winch

1.pull the boat in and out the water on its trailer.
2.Pulling carriage on rail way
3.work out excavation material and equipment in the Well drilling
4.To be used for pulling underground and overhead main electric cables.
5.ship repair facility
6.Elevator Industry
All in all, both in construction site and in marine equipment winch machine is necessary.

Advantages of Wire Rope Electric Winch

1.With simple and compact structure;
2.Easy and flexible to move and install;
3.Easy to inspect and maintain;
4.Convenient to operate and control;
5.High reliability and efficiency with very reasonable price.

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