European Electric Single/ Double Girder Overhead Crane

European Electric Overhead Crane

Product Type: European Electric Overhead Crane
Lifting Capacity: 1~500t(Custom Design)
Span: ≧6m
Lifting Height: According your demands
Working Class: A5
Ambient Temperature: -20~40℃

European Electric Single/Double Girder Overhead Crane

The HD European type  electric single/double girder overhead crane is a new generation of lifting equipment with the following advantages:

  1. Light weight, small wheel pressure, small boundary size, reliable performance and convenient operation is the preferred model for various material handling places.
  2. With small wheel pressure and small boundary size, it can reduce the investment in pre-projects such as workshops, while lighting, heating and other facilities can save some costs.
  3. Product performance is reliable and durable, so that the additional cost of the product in the use process can be decrease to the minimum: on the one hand, due to the use of high-quality and high-performance components, which extend life time and reduce maintenance workload; on the other hand, the energy consumption decreased, which also saves cost.

Related Data Reference of  HD Electric Overhead Crane

Capacity (t)
Span(m) Lifting Height


Lifting Speed


Hoist Traveling Speed(m/min) Crane

Traveling Speed (m/min)



1 7.5~28.5 6~12 0.8/5 2~20 3~30 P24
2 6~12 0.8/5 2~20 3~30 P24
3.2 6~12 0.8/5 2~20 3~30 P24
5 6~12 0.8/5 2~20 3~30 P24、P30
10 6~12 0.8/5 2~20 3~30 P30
12.5 6~12 0.66/4 2~20 3~30 P30
16 9~12 0.66/4 2~20 3~30 P43
20 9~12 0.66/4 2~20 3~30 P43
Work Duty A5
Power 380V, 50Hz or Other
of Working

Note: If the span and lifting height is out of our given range, please Contact us, we can design according to your requirement.


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