Electric Chain Hoist

Electric chain hoist is a light and small lifting equipment for material handlin, which is widely used in lifting heavy weights or installed on a single beam crane, linear, curve strander beams , also can be used to the hoist double beam, gourd gantry crane or cantilever crane.it is very convenient, safe, and cost-effective, therefore, it’s welcomed by Industrial and mining enterprises, railways, docks, warehouses.

Electric Chain Hoist

Lifting Capacity: 0.5t~35t
Span: Custom Design
Lifting Height: 3~50m or custom desisn
Working Class: M3,M4
Ambient Temperature: -20~40℃

Technical Parameter of the Electric Chain Hoist

Capacity Lifting speed Motor power Lifting height Lifting rate Working duty FEM/ISO
(t) (m/min) (kw) (m)
0.25 2.0/8.0 0.09/0.36 3~8 1/1 1Am/M4
0.32 2.0/8.0 0.18/0.75 1/1 3m/M6
0.5 2.0/8.0 0.18/0.75 1/1 1Am/M4
0.63 2.5/10 0.45/1.90 2/1 2m/M5
1 2.5/10 0.45/1.90 1/1 1Bm/M3
1.5 1.25/5.0 0.75/3.0 1/1 1Am/M4
2 1.25/5.0 0.45/1.90 2/1 1Am/M4
2.5 1.25/5.0 1.2/4.8 1/1 1Am/M4
3 1.25/5.0 0.75/3.0 2/1 1Am/M4
5 1.25/5.0 1.2/4.8 2/1 1Am/M4

Note: All of the size & ton we can customize, Above data just for your reference, if you have any other requirements, please Contact us , we can reply you ASAP.


Features of the Electric Chain Hoist

1. Limit switch: the condole hang has limit fast closing device, the machine automatically stop, prevent the chain beyond, to ensure safety.
2. Light high efficiency motor, low energy consumption, non-asbestos brake system
3. high strength chain & hook
4. Control way-pendent line control & remote control
5. The body’s small size, light weight, easy to carry.

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