Double Girder Overhead Crane


All Kinds of Double Girder Overhead Crane


20ton Double Girder Overhead Crane Used in Warehouse


25ton Trolley Double Girder Ovehead Crane in South Africa


50ton Carrier Beam Overhead Crane for Mechanical Processing

grab double girder overhead crane

40ton Double Girder Overhead Crane for Garbage Collection


Double Girder Overhead Crane for Steel Warehouse


200ton Overhead Crane for Trasferring Ladle

Inquiry Overhead Crane:

On inquiry overhead travelling crane, the following main parameters are needed:

  • Girder: Single girder overhead crane / double girder overhead crane?
  • Lifting capacity: Ultimate load lifting capacity= ____tons.
  • Span: distance between the railway center = ____ meters.
  • Lifting height: height of lifting from the ground to the lift center (Hook) = ____ meters.
  • Use/Application: what is to be lifted ____________________________________
  • Control methods: Remote control / Cabin control /Panel control
  • Frequency = ____.
  • Voltages = ____.

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