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Overhead crane for sale

With the continuous development of the current science and technology, there are more increasingly of the place using the overhead bridge crane, such as the factory, workshop/warehouse, construction site, maintenance site, etc. No matter horizontal and vertical, we can make a set of lifting solution and help you improve working speed. According to lifting capacity, Item characteristics, site convenient, etc., we design our bridge crane to meet our customer different special requirements.

Single Girder Bridge Crane

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Technical Parameter:

Product Type: LD /LB/LX/LY
Lifting Capacity: 1~32t
Span: 7.5~31.5m
Lifting Height: 6-18m According your demands
Working Class: A3,A4
Ambient Temperature: -20~40℃

Single girder bridge crane are designed and produced according to national standard, it is a kind of light of lifting machinery equipped with CD/MD electric wire rope/chain hoist as a lifting mechanism, widely used in warehouse, workshop, production line to lift heavy materials.

3 ton EOT Crane

5 ton EOT Crane

european style overhead crane

10ton EOT Crane

Double Girder Bridge Crane

double girder bridge crane

Technical Parameter:

Product Type: Double Girder Bridge Crane
Lifting Capacity: 5~100t
Span: 7.5~31.5m
Lifting Height: 6-18m According your demands
Working Class: A3,A4
Ambient Temperature: -20~40℃

Double girder bridge crane also called heavy duty bridge crane, The lifting capacity that customers often choose: 50ton, 80ton, 100ton,120ton, etc. I have to say It’s always better to get one that has two girders instead of one when it comes to safety and enhanced capabilities.


15ton EOT Crane


20ton EOT Crane


50ton EOT Crane

About Us:

As a leading supplier, we are dedicated to supply the suitable crane for our clients, until now we have exported to many countries, such as Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan, Chile, Argentina, etc., our primary concern is to help our clients to choose a most cost-effective crane efficiently, please contact us directly if you need a heavy crane machinery. 8618300703657(Maria)

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