Overhead Bridge Crane for Sale

Overhead bridge crane is a common heavy machinery when our loading or  lifting heavy material. With the rapid development of the current economy, there are more increasingly of the place using the overhead bridge crane, such as the factory, workshop/warehouse, construction site, maintenance site, etc. it is suitable for lifting & moving the heavy duty, so no matter horizontal and vertical, we can solve your problem and help you improving working speed.

According to lifting capacity, Item characteristics, site convenient, etc., we design our crane to meet our customer different special requirement. Now please choose the right crane on the basis of your detail requirement now.

Single Girder Overhead Bridge Crane

Single Girder Overhead Bridge Crane

1.Generally speaking, the single girder overhead cranes are widely used in the factory, warehouse, construction site and so on.

2.Suitable for  lifting & moving  1-30 ton material, if more tons, we suggest to use double girder overhead crane.

 3.More than 80% customers use indoor, Both ends of the girder are located in the tall cement columns or metal supports

The bridge frame of single girder overhead crane runs along the track on both sides of the overhead frame. What’s more, it can make full use of space under the bridge frame to lift the heavy objects. The working process will be finished without the obstacle of the ground equipment. It is said that it is the most widely used and the largest number of lifting appliances.


Double Girder Overhead Bridge Crane

Double Girder Overhead Bridge Crane

1.Top running & underlung double girder bridge/overhead crane you can choose freely from WEIHUA.

2.Loding Capacity: 2-200ton, usually up 20ton. if for light work, single girder bridge crane is more cost-efficiently.

3.Trolley hoist Types: grab hoist, metallurgic hoist, explosion-proof hoist, etc. according to your site, you can choose lifting device.

Double girder bridge crane is made up of two bridge girders with two end trucks, generally, double girder bridge crane is used for lifting heavy capacity, so the Lifting device is hoist trolley, the trolley hoist travels on the top of the rails that are mounted to the top of the bridge crane.






1.What’s the information should i provide when inquiry?
More detail or drawing, better,A:Lifting Capacity B:span C: lift height D: what is the lifting material or any other special requirements.
2.How to ensure safety during working period?
Overload limiter, Limit Switch(Lifting and traveling), Interlock protection device.
3.Can yo provide the lifting tools?
Sure! We sale factory directly, we have a whole production line.so do not worry about the accessories.
4.How can we install the crane?
Our engineer can be your side to do the installation guide service and training, moreover, our sales manager can visit your country after ordering.

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